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Theater Square

This square was named after the first stone-built winter theater of Athens that was located there, the Boukura Theater, built between 1838 and 1839, inaugurated in 1840 and for many years the only one of its kind in the city.

It is located very close to the town hall and the municipal authorities have already announced its redevelopment, around the Diplario School. The redevelopment will be based on the pedestrian areas of Theatrou and Diplaris streets. This shall improve the aesthetic and environmental upgrading of the area, the highlighting of its cultural elements, the performance and accessibility of the public area for pedestrians, the creation of functional conditions that will favor living in the area, while also giving a sense of security to the residents and passers-by 24 hours a day. Essentially, the renewed Theater Square is scheduled to function as an internal garden in the densely populated center of Athens.

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