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Kotzia Square

Kotzia Square, officially known as “National Resistance Square” is a square in the historic center of Athens, between Athinas and Aiolou streets, and very close to Omonia and Monastiraki squares.

It was built in 1874 and was first named“Ludwig Square” in honor of Ludwig I of Bavaria. Later it was named Kotzia Square, in honor of the mayor of the city Konstantinos Kotzias, also known for the construction of the refugee apartment buildings on Alexandras Avenue, with the purpose to house the Greek refugees from Turkey. In 1977, the square adopted its current name, National Resistance Square, but most know it as Kotzia Square.

The Athens City Hall and the National Bank of Greece are located in this square. Additionally, there are archaeological findings such as the outer fortifications of the ancient city, pottery workshops, remains of residences, as well as an extensive cemetery dating back to antiquity, providingvaluable information about the activities of the ancient Athenians. Next to the square visitors will find the Athens Central Market, since 1886. In the middle of the square, visitors can admire the fountain with the sculpture of Theseus.

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