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Ardittos Grove

The Ardittos grove is located on the upper side of Kallimarmaro, also known as the Panathenaic Stadium. The grove is named after Ardittos, the mythical hero who used to calm the Athenians with his discourses, in times when strong disagreements, discords and quarrels occurred. A hill where the judges of Iliaia, the Iliastes, met and tried murder cases. With a walk through the park, visitors can explore the preserved remains of the Temple of Fortune, built by Herod of Atticus, and various other archaeological finds.

Ardittos Grove is a vital park with pine trees, various types of ornamental trees and shrubs. In this rich natural environment, visitors may encounter a large number of birds. It is a place of recreation, suitable for walking with its winding climbs that offer a wonderful view of the historical part of the city. Ther grove is also ideal for jogging, as there are several routes with long uphills and downhills. Due to its morphology, it is considered as a challenging area by sports enthusiasts and according to athletes, it is suitable for those who have already acquired endurance.

With the purpose to improve the local conditions for the citizens, as well as considering the city and its urban green areas as a public space that belongs to all its users either for sports or play, strolling or socialization purposes providing a breath of fresh air and relaxation, the municipal authorities have scheduled the reparation of the pathways, as well as damage restoration works.

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