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Strefi Hill

According to a version regarding its history, its name used to be Agchesmos and was the property of the Strefi family. For several years a quarry operated there, which ceased its operations in the 1920s, when tree planting began. However, this hill belongs to the Municipality of Athens since 1938.

The municipal authorities have supervised significant total regeneration projects starting with the collection of dry branches, grasses and generally plant biomass which is flammable material, fire protection works and fire measures for the entire hill, with the purpose of both prevention and early extinguishing in case of a fire.

Additionally, anti-corrosion and geotechnical works are scheduled to begin in the near future for the safety of the site and the upgrade of the rainwater network, with the purpose of anti-flood protection and works to maintain and strengthen the vegetation, with new tree plantings. In particular, the paths will be restored and lighting upgrade projects will be conducted for the safety of visitors.

The municipal authorities also plan to reconstruct the currently closed playground and add modern safety standards.

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