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Zappeion Garden

The Zappeion Garden is located next to the National Garden and its surface amounts to 31,23 acres, of which 20,5 acres are covered by soft green surfaces, 10,13 acres include hard surfaces and 0,59 acres are patios and courtyards. Within this particularly beautiful and well-preserved area stands the unique architectural and historical building Zappeion, which was designed by T. Hansen (1874-1888) following the order of the Greek Patriot and National Benefactor from Northern Epirus, Evangelos Zappas, who envisioned the rebirth of the Ancient Greek Spirit and devoted his life to the revival of the Olympic Games and Panhellenism, as well as to the promotion of art.

The first tree planting of the garden took place in 1857. Initially, about 200 plane trees and several eucalyptus trees were planted. The fountains, statues and lampposts are the work of the distinguished sculptor G. Dimitriadis.

In 2005, the term BIO-GARDENING was introduced, including the application of the principles of Organic Agriculture. In recent years, efforts have been made to restore the lighting and replace the benches of the Zappeion Garden. Visitors will also find a new playground, fenced with a stone wall and traditional railings, as well as play facilities, suitable for individuals with reduced mobility. A ramp has been built for individuals with impairments, as well as pebbled play areas.

In 2020, the majority of the equipment was renovated, and is now made of natural wood and all the floors are made of water-permeable materials. The entire surrounding area is coated with natural lawn.

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