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Psyri Square

Psyri Square or Heroes Square is a picturesque and historical square. It is located in the oldest district of Athens, Psyri, and has been inhabited since medieval times. The five most important streets of the district end there, i.e. Miaouli, Karaiskaki, AgionAnargyron, Aristofani and Aeschilou Street.

This square, just like the entire district, lets the visitor get lost in time and travel, in an inexplicable way, to another era of the past. This is probably because all the buildings and shops, restaurants/taverns and bars, are as if from a bygone era and most of them work as they did back then. In a traditional way!

According to one version, the name of the area dates back to the medieval times and comes from the surname Psyrris, who built the church of Agios Athanasios in Heroes’ Square, as well as other churches in Athens. The last name of the benefactor meant Psarian, i.e. someone from the island of Psara, which in ancient times was called Psyra or Psyrii. The other name, Heroes’ Square, was given to honor the heroes of 1821 Greek War of Independence and that is why their names are also present on the surrounding streets.

Additionally, visiting the well-preserved Byzantine churches of the area is not to be missed. In the precincts of the church of Saints Anargyroi, many of the fighters who lost their lives defending Greece are buried.

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