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Pocket Park – Patisia

Athens is getting another upgraded green space, this time in Patisia. Expanding the network of pocket parks in the neighborhoods of the capital, the Municipality of Athens delivered to the residents of Patisia the 8th pocket park at the junction of Vizyinou and Karkavitsa streets, turning another “lifeless” and abandoned location of the city into a lively place, full of color and dense planting, ready to welcome its visitors once again.

The new pocket bioclimatic park in Patisia, with a surface of ​​230 sq.m. , was created through the “Adopt your city” program, with a donation from Nova – a member of the United Group. Following a series of intensive works, the area was transformed into a modern and functional park, which can now be safely visited by the residents of the area, as well as the parents and students of the 142nd Primary School of Athens, which is located very close to the park. In fact, the students themselves took part in the initiative to reshape it, placing the first plants in the park area.

To create this new urban green area, walls and concrete blocks had to be removed, and instead raised areas with rich planting were created, a functional network of corridors made of eco-friendly materials to better manage rainwater, as well as beautiful seating areas invitingvisitorsfor a stop and rest.

The existing trees, the black locusts, were preserved after the necessary maintenance and were combined with a dense planting of 358 bushes of the Mediterranean flora, with impressively colored plants, but also with plants with intense flowering throughout the year.

The pocket park is also offered as a place for individual sports, as high-bars were placed in its center, meeting all safety standards. For the maximum safety of visitors, even in the evening hours, three autonomous columns with solar radiation collection panels were used, which effectively enhance the lighting of the park.

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