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Pocket Park – Ano Kypseli

A neighborhood park, an actual marvel, was provided to the residents and visitors of AnoKypseli by the Municipality of Athens. It is an area that is internationally called a pocket park, the first pocket parkthat was created by the Municipality of Athens and offers a breath of fresh air to the neighborhood, as well as a wonderful color to a densely built-up area.

In AnoKypseli – particularly at the junction of Evdokia and Karteria streets, this small flower garden / park was created, with the planting of many different representative plant species. It is a local breath of fresh air, a garden dedicated to the diversity it offers with the rich flowering of plants throughout the year.

The individual flower beds are bordered by a low evergreen hedge (myrtuscommunis) in order to prevent entry, while with the planting of climbing and flowering shrubs, one side is transformed into a vertical green garden. In addition, in the park there are special signs next to each plant providing useful information about its identity, as well as nest structuresforbeneficial insects.

The pocket park of AnoKypseli, which offers a small “glimpse” to nature for the residents of the neighborhood, is part of the “Adopt your city” program and was created with a donation from the Deloitte Foundation. The Deloitte Foundation is the non-profit foundation of Deloitte Greece, which actively supports local communities, and one of the main pillars of its activitiesincludes the protection of the environment and sustainable development.

The Municipality of Athens is planning to create several more such parks throughout the neighborhoods of the capital and upgrade the quality of life of its residents.

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