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National Garden

One of the most beautiful sights in the heart of Athens, located next to the Hellenic Parliament and across Syntagma Square, a space that is open to visitors every day from sunrise to sunset. This is the National Garden.

Its history dates back to Ancient Athens. The National Garden was a gift from Dimitrios Falireas to his teacher. In ancient times a part of the land was a private garden. In 1839, its surface was limited to 38 acres and it was classified as a scientific, botanical garden. 15,000 ornamental plants brought from Genoa, Sounio and Evia were planted. In 1842, the Washingtonians that are located at the main entrance were planted. The garden was being watered by the Peisistratos Aqueduct, which had been built during the time of the tyrant Peisistratos.

Inside the National Garden travelers will encounter about 7,000 trees and more than 30,000 shrubs, with more than five hundred species of trees and plants from every corner of the world; information signs have been placed most species. The area also hosts a small zoo, sculptures, an original sundial, various ancient finds, a botanical museum, a playground and a picturesque traditional cafe. The National Garden is ideal for relaxation and tranquility in the heart of the city, while visitors often go there for walking and running, since the gravel paths in the form of a labyrinth are 7 kilometers long. Many practice yoga on the grass and angage in other sports activities.

In the recent years, the Municipality of Athens has reconstructed new, modern paths for safe routes, installed innovative irrigation and lighting systems and placed renewed benches that reflect the site’s history. Special care was also given to the Garden’s rare trees by a team of specialized scientists. These are historic trees, some of which are, in fact, over 170 years old. Separate interventions were made on 16 of these trees, while the stability of the older trees was also evaluated.

Additionally, new trees and plants were planted – currently including a total of 11,155 trees, shrubs, perennial herbs, seasonal and clinging plants.

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