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Lamprakis Hill

Lambrakis Hill is located in NeosKosmos and is widely known to the local residents as the “mountain” or “little hill”; a green hill with a small square, a basketball court and a playground. Through coordinated actions during the recent years, the municipality has achieved a “total makeover”, just like in most areas of the city. Meeting spots for hundreds of permanent residents were cleaned and restored.

Trees were pruned and planted, bushes were trimmed and new plants were placed, the grass was mowed; all in an attempt to maintain and enrich the green scenery of the park.

Broken benches were repaired and painted, and lighting poles, table and letter baskets were also renewed. Additionally, restoration and repair works are carried out on the lighting and the park and the pedestrian walkways are regularly cleaned and washed.

The park is yet another area that the Municipality of Athens takes regular care of, not only to make it more beautiful, brighter and friendlier for citizens, but also to ensure that it is maintained regularly, with similar actions, which now follow a detailed schedule.

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