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Klafthmonos Square

Klafthmonos Square is located in the center of the city, between Stadiou, Dragatsaniou, PalaionPatrasGermanos and Paparigopoulos streets. It was named Klafthmonos, which translates to Weeping Square, in 1878 as it was there, in front of the Ministry of Finance located there, where the dismissed civil servants gathered after every election to protest against their dismissal, since at that time civil servants weren’t permanently employed. Each new government fired the civil servants hired by the previous government and hired its own voters.

The name of this particular square has changed many times and the names that have been given to it so far are the following: Aeschylus Square, Nomismatokopeio Square (named after the coin factoryopeating there at the time), March 25th Square, Democracy Square and National Reconciliation Square. It was the first area to be planted with trees when Athens was declared as the capital of the country. It isverdant and in its area there is a sculpture that symbolizes National Reconciliation.

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