Lets go Athens


This is the district of Athens with a special history and many ups and downs. In 1857, the Athenian factory of the French Gas Light Company was established there and in 1862 the construction of the gas light factory began in the southwest of the intersection of IeraOdos with Piraeus. That’s when Gazochori was created, an urban village with houses built for the workers living in the surrounding areas.

In 1983, the gas production process, using coal as a raw material, was stopped. In 1984, the operation of the factory was deemed outdated and due to its proximity with the Acropolis, its operation ceased. Since then,Gazochoriwas renamed Gazi.

The aim of the state since then has been to utilize the gas facilities and convert it into a cultural hub. In 2004, the renovated area was delivered to the public under the name Technopoli. With an abundance of cultural events held there, it constantly attracts visitors and puts Gazi firmly on the Athenian schedule of fun and entertainment.

The square of the area is full of shops offering coffee, drink, food, dancing, snacks, etc. Events are constantly taking place, from Festivals and exhibitions to a large festive park that is set up every Christmas.

The area in Gazi has now been connected to Thiseio, withErmou Street’swalkways, including the construction of parks and open spaces, while the “Keramikos”metro railway station has made it easily accessible.

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