Lets go Athens

Former Military Police School Grove

This grove was established in 1988 on an area of 8,89 acres, with fairly dense vegetation consisting of tall pines and eucalyptus trees with dense foliage, shrubs, and flowers. It provides many cobblestone and natural paths that join at various points, thus offering a network of various short routes, ideal for walking, running, cycling, skating, etc. Visitors will encounter ponds, a playground and a zoo with ducks, geese, hens, guinea fowls, budgies, songbirds, peacocks, rabbits, ponies and other animals. Visitors may also discover the Skyrian horses, a unique breed unique that existed throughout ancient Greece, even though few are in existence today.

This grove is a particularly important urban green area in Ampelokipi, specifically on Mesogeion Avenue, across “Henry Dunant” Hosital Center. It is one of the most popular sports venues in Athens, located very close to the center, providing easy access.

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