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Evelpidon Grove

Evelpidon Grove is an area of about 20 acres, located at the back of the Courts and is a breath of fresh air for the residents of this densely populated area. Evelpidon Grove is considered an extension of the Pedion tou Areos park (eng. Field of Ares), despite the presence of Protomagia Square in the area. It is ideal for walking on natural paths, as well as other paths that feel like being inside a mountain. This grove is not known for being crowded and its numerous tall trees provide shelter from the sun, as well as light rainfall. Some visit this particular grove to play tennis or basketball, but everyone cherishes its peaceful surroundings.

Until recently, the grove remained uncared for, thus giving away that feeling of a neglected area. However, the competent municipal authorities decided to renew the grove in the recent years. The grove was cleared of dry branches posing a high risk for fire, trees and bushes were carefully removed at the suggestion of the forest department, the utterly destroyed lighting of the area was completely restored and many benches were replaced.

Urban regeneration is soon to follow, which will include a holistic approach focused on walkways, water runoff during the winter months, while a special study will be conducted in order to provide the complete design of the fencing as well as sectors such as systematic ground cleanup, fire safety and replacement of damaged fire hydrants.

As of today, the grove is accessible and safe for all citizens or visitors who feel like exploring the area.

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